Jun 28, 2011

Ir-realta' taghna f'perspettiva

Mill-gurnali ta’ llum: Grecja: Greek trade unions have started a two-day general strike in protest at the parliamentary vote tomorrow to introduce tough austerity measures. Kathimerini says huge crowds of protesters were expected on the streets of Athens, with many services set to grind to a halt. These include air land and seas transport. Doctors, ambulance drivers and journalists. - BBC News

Portugal: Around three in every 10 Portuguese, the majority being university graduates, are willing to look for a job in another country, while close to half (43%) of the working population are actively looking for a job other than the one they are currently employed to do. - http://www.theportugalnews.com/

Renju Unit: Up to 750,000 teachers and civil servants are set to strike on Thursday over pension plans they say will mean them working longer and paying more. There was no breakthrough in talks between ministers and unions on Monday. - BBC News

Italja: The measures on the table in the austerity bill are a freeze on public sector hiring and salary increases until 2014, cuts of €9 billion to the budget over the next four years, and reducing pension spending and spending to Italy's national health service. – Reuter’s

Spain: The indignant are demanding a general strike. The marches in protest at the crisis attracted nearly 40,000 in Madrid and close to 50,000 in Barcleona. - ABC

Meta tisma b’dan kollu niehu r-ruh li qed nghix f’Malta. Mhux qed nghix f’pajjiz bla problemi. Ghad ghandna restructing li rrid naghmlu f’azjendi bhal Airmalta, imma fil-passat diga ghamilna bidliet importanti bhal dak tat-Tarzna u tant kumpaniji ohra li konna qed nissussidjaw. Imma meta nqabbel il-problemi taghna ma’ ta’ dawn tikkonsla u thossok tajjeb. Il-qaghda ekonomika taghna turi tishih fl-impjiegi. L-aktar qies importanti ghall-pajjiz.

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